Our Mission

The King’s Sanctuary is to be a place where all who hunger for the truth shall be fed with HIS word and prepared for His glorious appearance.

⦁ To HUNGER means having the eagerness to know more about the expectation for yourself and the church.

⦁ To be FED with His word means the church returning to teach you the truth in the word of God as heaven expects, helping you to achieve your God designed goals, and helping the church to reach her goal.

⦁ To be PREPARED means you are ready to raise the standard of the truth, become a challenging example, and instrumental to others within the church and outside of it in rallying people in our sphere to be saved and successful; identify and get involved with the church.

⦁ GLORIOUS CHURCH means we want to clean our spots and deal with our wrinkles. Our white garment should remain white.

The King’s Sanctuary will prioritise teaching and obedience to the revealed truths of the Word of God. Our leaders and members will be taught to defend the faith, in truth. The King’s Sanctuary is prepared to do everything possible to be an exemplary Church with uncorrupted focus.

The Church shall take the gospel to the world as a true Bible believing Church. We shall strive not to be tied down as a religious entity, but a living and lively people indeed, showing forth the praise of Him who called us.

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